Instagram is no longer an app for sharing photos, according to Instagram

Instagram is no longer an app for sharing photos, according to Instagram
Instagram is no longer an app for sharing photos, according to Instagram

It’s been a long time since Instagram strayed from its original goal of sharing square photos with friends. Under the aegis of Facebook, the app has become a huge social network that has gradually gained so many functions that it looks a bit like a digest of all the other social networks. She hosted ” stories »Stung from Snapchat, it has integrated shops like on Facebook and above all, it displays vertical videos that run in a loop like on TikTok.

These changes were not made at random, one suspects it, but they are made explicit in this video posted by Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram. By presenting the future changes expected for its service, it could hardly be clearer: Instagram is no longer an app that allows you to share square photos with your friends. It’s an app that should entertain, with the emphasis on videos and two targets in sight: TikTok of course, but also YouTube.

For these reasons, Instagram will start in the coming months to suggest more videos in its main view and especially to better value video content. We imagine that the round pastilles we have today will be replaced by full screen videos directly, like what TikTok does.

Another change to come, the algorithm dear to Facebook will be even more present and manage the main list of users. Among the novelties expected in this area, the possibility of choosing topics that interest the user to suggest content. For now, Instagram continues to prioritize photos and videos posted by friends, but when you’ve seen everything, the app switches to suggestions provided by its algorithms. Should we understand that, like Facebook, we will now systematically have a mix between the content of the people we follow and those suggested by the in-house algorithm?

Adam Mosseri presents these changes as experiments that will be carried out in the coming months. This is another feature imported from Facebook and which has already been true for years: every user has a slightly different Instagram, with settings that vary over time.


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