Borderlands 3: the recent update signals the arrival of a highly anticipated feature

Game news Borderlands 3: the recent update signals the arrival of a highly anticipated feature

Published on 6/24/2021 10:05 PM

Through a new update released today, Borderlands 3 is full of new features, one of which, and not the least, will finally allow players to be able to play together regardless of their platform. All the players? Unfortunately, there is an exception.

You guessed it: the new Borderlands 3 patch rolls out the carpet for a long-awaited cross-play feature for the Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox and Stadia versions. A recent feature made possible thanks to the matchmaking option of SHiFT.

For their part, the PlayStation consoles are not mentioned in the description communicated by Gearbox on the Borderlands 3 site. No cross-play for them, for the moment, but players will still be able to take advantage of the many content additions introduced in this patch.. Among them, the “Revenge of the Cartels” event is making a comeback and is based on the same principle as that which took place in 2020.

Entitled ” The revenge of the revenge of the cartels », You will have to eliminate the special agents of the Cartel but you will have to be wary because others will hurry to come and avenge their fallen comrades. Once you have reached a certain number of eliminations, a portal will bring you in front of Villa Ultraviolet to face Joey Ultraviolet, leader of the Eridium Cartel.

Other seasonal events are also available, such as Bloody Harvest or Holy Broken Hearts, and Gearbox teams have increased the level cap by 7, which now allows you to reach level 72, and collect a good amount of skill points in the process.

Finally, until July 1 at 6 p.m., Borderlands 3 launches the True Challenges final which will come to reward the most emeritus hunters of the Ark with many equipment and weapons to recover.

The full description of this new update can be found on the Borderlands website or in the link of the tweet cited above.

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Borderlands update signals arrival highly anticipated feature

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