Cybercriminals steal source code of video games developed by EA

(New York) The American video game developer Electronic Arts (EA) admitted Thursday that hackers had stolen the source code of some titles in its catalog while ensuring that the cyberattack would not have consequences for players.

Posted on June 10, 2021 at 5:14 p.m.

EA, at the origin of the series Battlefield, Medal of Honor and The sims, confirmed to have been hacked after the publication of a Vice Media article claiming that several source codes, including that of the famous football game FIFA 21 and the Engine engine, which runs several EA titles, had been stolen.

Source code is text written in a programming language containing instructions for executing a computer program.

“We are investigating a recent incident related to an intrusion into our networks and the theft of a limited amount of source code for games and associated tools,” an EA spokesperson told AFP.

“No player data has been stolen and we have no reason to believe that there is any risk to the protection of the privacy of players”, reassured this spokesperson. “Following this incident, we have already improved our security and we do not expect there to be any impact on our games or our business. ”

EA said “actively collaborate with the police and other experts in the context of this ongoing criminal investigation.”

According to Vice, the hackers bragged about their attack on underground internet forums. “You now have the full capacity to operate all of EA’s services”, one could read in a message published on one of these platforms.

Cybercriminals have put the stolen data up for sale in various spaces of the “dark web”, the underground version of the internet, says Vice.

This attack comes after a wave of hacking in the United States in recent months that targeted industrial groups, hospitals, government institutions and NGOs, among others.

It also takes place a few days before the famous international video game fair E3 in which EA is to participate. The event, which will take place entirely online this year, kicks off Saturday.

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