Lost Ark, release date in Europe with Amazon Games – Breakflip

Lost Ark, release date in Europe with Amazon Games – Breakflip
Lost Ark, release date in Europe with Amazon Games – Breakflip

Amazon Games announced this Thursday, June 10 during the Summer Game Fest that the MMORPG Lost Ark will be released on PC in North America and Europe in the fall of 2021.

Lost Ark is a title AAA developed by the studio Smilegate RPG and edited by Amazon Games. The massively multiplayer role-playing game is currently only available in Korea, Japan and Russia, and today has several million active players.

Amazon Games Studios (subsidiary of Amazon Games) is also in full development of the New World game, Action MMO set on a fantastic island during the Age of the Great Discoveries.

Quand sort Lost Ark in Europe?

It was during the Summer Game Fest of Thursday, June 10 that the publisher Amazon Games officially announced the western exit from Lost Ark to fall 2021.

As a reminder, Amazon Games had announced by way of press release in August 2020 the acquisition of the western exploitation rights of the title. Since then, Lost Ark has not been the subject of any news, so it’s a nice surprise for European fans of the game.

The universe of Lost Ark in 2021

In Lost Ark, adventurers will be able to travel the world d’Arkesia to find the fabulous Lost Ark and save the kingdom from hostile creatures.

The title suggests 14 classes distinct allowing a deep combat system, in particular thanks to the “Tripod Skill System“. Players will be able to roam the lands of Arkesia alone or in groups, venturing into dangerous dungeons, crisscross the oceans and establish their base on their personal island.

Lost Ark in the West: localization in Europe and technical alpha

Amazon Games has cooperated with developer Smilegate RPG to enable European players to access the game in the best possible conditions by locating all that the world of Lost Ark has to offer. The dialogues, words and texts have been translated into different languages, especially in English, French, German and Spanish.

The game is also announced in closed technical alpha from this week-end, you can now register on the western official website. Likewise, founders pack are available if you wish to support the deployment of the title in the West.


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