Facebook adds several features to Messenger

New themes are also appearing on Messenger.

Facebook’s messaging app welcomes several new features. Nothing very revolutionary in the program, however these new features should still make life easier for users.

It is particularly a question of being able to react to photos and videos without having to leave the viewer of the application. When a user displays a received photo or video in full screen, they can directly react to it using the new quick response bar. It will be enough for him to press on the media to display the answer bar.

Facebook also facilitates payments through its messaging service with QR codes and payment links. Users will be able to generate QR codes and payment links to pay or receive money via Facebook Pay, even if they are not connected to Facebook.

To generate either one, users will simply have to go to Messenger settings and tap on Facebook Pay. They will see their QR code and can have their friends scan it to receive money, but can also generate and send a payment link to their friends and contacts.

Note that if Facebook Pay is available in several European countries, including France and Belgium, QR codes and payment links via Messenger should not be available for a while. For now, these features have in fact only been announced in the United States.

Finally, the update of Messenger implies the arrival of new displays. Users will be able to take advantage of new themes and activate them on their various Messenger conversations. The new themes will also be available for Instagram private messages in a future update.


Facebook adds features Messenger

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