LG CX vs C1 OLED: comparison and differences of LG TVs

LG CX vs C1 OLED: comparison and differences of LG TVs
LG CX vs C1 OLED: comparison and differences of LG TVs

LG CX vs C1 OLED, a close comparison for benchmark LG OLED TVs. First of all, the LG CX is the 2020 benchmark, the LG C1 is the new model for 2021. The panel is identical and the performance is very similar. This year, only the LG G1 benefits from the new EVO OLED panel, but for a much higher price.

The LG C1 makes some minor changes and upgrades from the 2020 LG CX. For example, the C1 has new settings in Game Optimizer, a new Magic Remote, and a new version of WebOS. The performance is roughly the same as its predecessor, but the presentation is nicer. Note the LG C1 has an additional size, the 83-inch version.

This LG CX vs LG C1 comparison will allow you to see the differences between the two models. The LG CX is the best TV we tested in 2020, so we have high expectations for its successor, the LG C1 OLED.

The LG C1 OLED starts at the same price as the LG CX OLED when it came out. Since then, the CX has benefited from lower prices and some good promotions. If you own the CX, you don’t need to replace it with the C1, the performance is too similar. On the other hand, if you replace your TV with an OLED, it is worth comparing the two to find out which one offers the best value for money.

Comparison of specifications LG CX vs C1 OLED

Price 1100 € to 3000 € € 1,190 to € 6,999
Cut 48 ″, 55 ″, 65 ″ and 77 ″ 48 ″, 55 ″, 65 ″, 77 ″ and 83″
Definition 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Formats Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
120Hz 120Hz
Techno VRR and ALLM VRR and ALLM
Ports 4x HDMI 2.1 4x HDMI 2.1
Audio 2.2 channels 2.2 channels
YOU WebOS 5.0 WebOS 6.0
Processor α9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K
Assistant vocal Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

As this table shows, the differences are minor. The LG C1 benefits from the new version of the WebOS 6.0 operating system, a new remote control and a more complete Game Optimizer mode.

LG CX vs C1 OLED test results

You can check out the full tests below:

The C1 has SRD and HDR brightness slightly below the CX. But it is a gap which remains minor. On the other hand, the C1 benefits from better HDR management in game mode with in particular a brightness slightly above the CX.

The gray uniformity is a bit better on the LG C1. Like the viewing angles which are more open. The VRR has a wider range of activation on the C1. Likewise, latency gains a few milliseconds.

On the other hand, the LG CX has a better calibration by default. After adjustment, the C1 has a very good calibration, although the CX still has a slight advantage. A point that can be corrected with updates.

On the other points, the LG CX vs C1 OLED match is almost zero, the performances are identical.

LG CX vs C1 price comparisons

48 inch price

Best price LG 48C1 (48 ″)

Price 55 inches

On this size, the LG CX has a slight price advantage over the C1.

Best price LG 55C1 (55 ″)

65 inch

On this size, the price difference between LG CX vs C1 is starting to be felt.

Best price LG 65C1 (65 ″)

Price 77 inches

On this size, the LG CX vs C1 price comparison is clearly to the CX’s advantage.

Best price LG 77C1 (77 ″)

Price 83 inches

This size is only available for the LG C1.

Best price LG 83C1 (83 ″)

Visual and Design Differences – LG CX vs C1

As the photos below show, the visual differences between the LG CX and LG C1 are minor.

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