Soon video games without a console?

Soon video games without a console?
Soon video games without a console?

Microsoft said Thursday that it was working on software to allow Xbox game enthusiasts to play directly on their Internet-connected television, without a console, a further step towards the dematerialization of video games.

The American computer giant and other heavyweights in the sector are participating from Saturday in the annual video game show (E3 for “Electronic Entertainment Expo“), which will be held online because of the pandemic.

The video game market, reinforced by the health crisis and lockdowns, has exploded in recent years thanks to the mobile offer as well as the advent of cloud services, such as Luna (Amazon) and Stadia (Google), where the games are hosted on servers and not on a console or PC. The players then only need controllers, a screen and a good internet connection.

30% more in one year

Developers are working with TV manufacturers to integrate their software that will provide access to games normally available on its consoles. It also designs devices that will plug into any connected screen, with the same objective.

There is still a place for consoles and PCs, and, honestly, there always will be. But thanks to the cloud we will be able to provide a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the internet.“said Phil Spencer, director of the Xbox division at Microsoft.

Spending on video games in the United States reached nearly $ 15 billion in the first quarter of 2021, 30% more than last year over the same period, according to the NPD Group.


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