Apple Podcasts: Paid Subscriptions Arrive June 15

Originally slated for May, Apple’s paid podcast subscriptions will arrive on June 15. The program will allow creators of content to be paid.

Between Apple and podcasts, it’s a long story that is about to start a new chapter. The apple brand has largely contributed to the emergence of this booming format. This 15-year adventure will lead to the creation of a new economic model, to allow creators to be paid. Announced during the April keynote, this option is tipping the podcast sector into a new era and should allow Apple to counter the offensive of the Spotify platform. In music as in podcasts, the battle rages between the two giants.

Apple’s announcement was expected and is not intended to change programs. These paid podcasts must strengthen the offer by allowing creators to offer content reserved for subscribers or benefits, such as listening without advertising. It is also about access to exclusive or preview episodes, as well as bonus content. Originally slated for May in more than 170 countries, Apple Podcast subscriptions will finally debut on June 15. The information was confirmed by the Californian company in an e-mail that the site The Verge was able to consult.

Apple Podcast subscriptions are finally ready

Podcast creators will receive 70% of the subscription fee, with Apple retaining its 30% commission. A year later, the share given to creators will increase to 85%. “Now you can help your favorite animators to build their business model and contribute to their creativity”, explained Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, during the April keynote.

The Cupertino giant’s bet comes as no surprise in an area where it is not uncommon to solicit the most loyal listeners to finance part of the production and bring the podcast to life. Note that its Swedish competitor Spotify plans to take no commission for two years. In 2023, it should be around 5%.

For its part, Apple wants to rush into the breach after experiencing a slight delay at startup. The American firm had decided, at the last moment, to postpone the launch of paid subscriptions to refine its offer. With iOS 14.5, the Podcasts application has already benefited from a redesign with a new design and some bugs that the company is trying to correct. Improvements should be proposed by June 15 to accompany the launch of subscriptions.


Apple Podcasts Paid Subscriptions Arrive June

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