release date, new products, compatible iphones … Know everything

release date, new products, compatible iphones … Know everything
release date, new products, compatible iphones … Know everything

Through Ivan Muret on June 10, 2021 at 5:13 PM

The new IOS 15 update was presented on June 7th and should be released soon! We explain everything you need to know about her before she arrives.

If you are an Apple Addict and are already fed up with iOS 14.6, don’t worry! Apple presented its brand new update in early June and it shouldn’t be long in coming. In the meantime, here is a tip to solve the IOS 14.6 autonomy problem

iOS 15 release date

Even though Apple recently unveiled its new software update, the brand still hasn’t revealed an official release date. For the moment, only a first beta has been delivered to developers. You can also register for this Apple program through the Apple Developer platform.

Several sources are counting on a release date in September 2021 for IOS 15. This could therefore coincide with the release of the iPhone 13. This article will be updated as soon as Apple communicates on this subject.

iOS 15: notable new features and main additions

The new update promises big news. Here is a recap of what we can remember for the moment:

  • We will have the right to an overhaul of the notification system. Priority notifications will be highlighted thanks to an AI based on your relationship history. A “Concentration” mode will also appear and will allow you to manage notifications according to the selected mode (work, driving or sleep for example). Depending on the settings, you will only receive the notifications you choose during sleep mode, for example.
  • FaceTime will evolve to move towards a videoconferencing application. It will open to all browsers and offers the possibility of sending invitation links by email. Possibility of having a conversation with several in the form of a mosaic with a spatialized sound.
  • The SharePlay application will allow you to share its application screen with other users with an iPhone, iPad or Mac. According to Apple, several SVOD platforms will try to integrate SharePlay
  • L’application CarPlay will improve the urban driving experience. There will be a 3D map as well as new useful topographic details such as cycle paths.
  • The use of personal data is reviewed. For example, the history of voice exchanges with Siri will be kept on the iPhone and no longer on the Cloud.
  • Image recognition is improved. IOS 15 will use AI to manage this aspect. Spotlight will now allow you to search for photos based on the location where they are taken as well as the people and objects on them. Possibility of locating text on photos using Live Text.

We have not gone into 100% detail, but overall these are the most striking elements that we can remember. For more information, do not hesitate to discover the 5 essential new features not to be missed on IOS 15.

iPhones compatibles iOS 15

Logically enough, this update will not be available on older Apple devices. The oldest model that should be compatible with IOS 15 is the iPhone 7. Below you will not be able to download the update.

It is not because the novelties are tempting that you will have to spend all your time on your iPhone! Smartphone addiction has a name and can have serious consequences.


release date products compatible iphones

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