iOS 15: the wheel is back in the Clock app

iOS 15: the wheel is back in the Clock app
iOS 15: the wheel is back in the Clock app

This format had disappeared for several versions of iOS.

Apple seems to have heard the prayers of users with iOS 15. The first beta of the operating system has indeed shown that the hour format within the Clock app had been reviewed and corrected. This is how the hour-changing wheel is making a comeback.

Users will indeed be able to take advantage of a new interface within Clock which will make it easier for them to change the time when setting an alarm, for example. The “wheel” format had been removed with iOS 13, Apple had indeed preferred manual time programming, via the iOS numeric keypad. A change that did not necessarily please users.

iOS 14 – iOS 15

The wheel that allows you to swipe the hours and minutes will therefore make a comeback with iOS 15, unless Apple changes its plans in the meantime. It must be said that the release of the new version of the OS is not expected before September which leaves a lot of time for Apple to review its plans. The next iOS 15 betas should reveal the company’s plans on this subject.


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