The Good Doctor season 5: Lea and Shaun will they really get married?

Last night, The Good Doctor Season 4 Season Finale aired on ABC. Suffice to say that this episode 20 transported us in a whirlwind of emotions. Between tears and smiles, this hour left us with a bitter aftertaste. To everyone’s surprise, Claire bade farewell to the doctors at St Bonaventure Hospital after accepting a position in the clinic in Guatemala. Antonia Thomas has announced that she is leaving the show after four years of dedicated service. Moreover, the last seconds of this Season Finale marked a turning point in Shaun and Lea’s relationship. After a beautiful declaration of love, Lea proposed to Shaun. But then, will they really get married in season 5 of The Good Doctor ?

A wedding to plan? – Credit (s): ABC

This conclusion of this season 4 of The Good Doctor ended on a positive note. While we thought Lea and Shaun were going to distance themselves from the tragedies they went through, it isn’t. Finally, the duo are more united than ever and ready to overcome any hardship. Lea realized that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Shaun and the doctor did the same. Plus, for once, the main character let his joy over getting married explode, an attitude that shows just how far Shaun has evolved since the first season of The Good Doctor. After Claire left, the writers might want to bring some comfort to the fans of the medical series and the marriage of Shaun and Lea in season 5 would be a good start! At least we hope so!


Good Doctor season Lea Shaun married

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