E3 2021 : Pas de Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro ou TimeSplitters

With the approach of E3 2021, perhaps you expected something new for the franchises of the house THQ Nordic that are Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro ou TimeSplitters ? Bad news if this is the case, none of them will be the subject of a presentation on the occasion of the Summer Game Fest or any other event related to E3 2021.

It is Deep Silver, a branch of THQ Nordic, which plays caution and transparency on

. Confirming that THQ Nordic will indeed have something to announce for the Summer Game Fest, this will in no way concern the aforementioned franchises.

The meeting, fixed on June 11 at 9 p.m. and baptized “we know something you don’t know“Had inevitably caused a sharp rise in expectations from the players. Faced with this big brake application by Deep Silver, we are now wondering what THQ Nordic will finally tell us (in real life we ​​just want a Kingdom Come Deliverance 2).


Pas Dead Island Saints Row Metro TimeSplitters

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