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With ever more beautiful games on ever larger worlds, the question of the resources needed to provide an optimal gaming experience is a big topic. In order to help the components that equip our machines to hold the load, several solutions are proposed and it is AMD which is illustrated today with the FidelityFX Super Resolution which has just been confirmed on Xbox Series X and S.

What is AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution?

If we already know the DLSS of Nvidia, it is AMD that we are talking about here since it is he who equips the Xbox Series X | S and PS5. While one uses machine learning in order to upscale and render lower quality images at a higher resolution, AMD does not necessarily use the same method and in addition also decided to make it open source.

The goal remains the same, to increase the resolution and the framerate of the games thanks in particular to various methods of supersampling. Four upscale modes are available (Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced and Performance) in order to offer solutions that meet the needs of players who can choose to favor framerate or image quality.

Coming soon to Xbox Series X and S

Available from June 22 on PC, we learn today in the columns of IGN that this feature will also arrive on Xbox Series X and S. If we suspect that Microsoft and AMD are working closely to make this possible, in having confirmation remains excellent news. A few days before the opening of E3, which will undoubtedly be an opportunity to take full view, the question of graphics and performance of each game will be on everyone’s lips and Microsoft says it is excited about the potential of the technology. from AMD.

At Xbox, we’re excited about the potential of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, which is another great way for developers to boost frame rates and resolution. We will soon have more information to share on the subject.

If we do not yet have an example of Xbox games using this technology, AMD offers several illustrations to better understand the impact expected by its technology. With the Godfall game running on an RX 6800 XT, we notably notice a significant framerate boost, even in “Ultra Quality” mode, the aim of which is to preserve image quality as much as possible. While we need to be careful with this kind of demo, we can’t wait to see the first real-life examples of how this promising technology is used on Xbox Series X | S games.


Xbox Series support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Xbox

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