When Bitcoin comes to the Moon during space travel

Bitcoin is being emulated around the world. If China has decided to limit its use, others believe that cryptocurrency will eventually be replaced by Ethereum. But for now, Bitcoin remains the currency with the highest value. A currency that invites itself to the Moon, tells us CNews. The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange platform unveils a partnership with Astrobotic for a unique mission: send a Bitcoin to the natural satellite. In a press release, the company explains to strike a unique piece which “ will contain a Bitcoin at an address that will be made public, under a tamper-evident hologram. The coin will proudly display the BitMEX name, mission name, date it was minted, and the price of bitcoin at the time of minting ».

Bitcoin is targeting the moon! – Credit (s): economiaweb.it

This Bitcoin contained in a minted coin will therefore remain on the surface of the Moon. Until someone comes and picks it up, human or alien! With this transaction, BitMEX offers itself a big reference to the expression ” To the Moon “, Used by aficionados of a cryptocurrency to talk about the increase in its value. As for Astrobotic, the company is not just going to deposit a Bitcoin on the Moon. The latter has been designated by NASA for a commercial flight scheduled for the end of 2021, carrying scientific equipment. The presence of the minted coin is a plus.

Credits: https://www.cnews.fr/science/2021-06-05/un-bitcoin-va-etre-depose-sur-la-lune-1089425


Bitcoin Moon space travel

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