Apple TV app turns on Android TV

Apple TV app turns on Android TV
Apple TV app turns on Android TV

If Apple is well known for its famous “closed garden”, on occasion the computer manufacturer is interested in competing platforms as is the case of its Apple TV application. This is now available on Android TV!

Apple usually seeks to attract customers to its various platforms and services, and do everything to keep them. But in the case of the Apple TV application, the manufacturer is ready to make concessions. The software is therefore available on a large number of competing devices: connected televisions (Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.), streaming boxes and keys (Amazon Fire, Roku), and even game consoles, but not (yet?) the Switch.

Now on Apple TV

Last December, Apple TV appeared on Google’s new Chromecast. It was the app’s first foray into the Android TV universe, and at the time the search engine said it was just the first step. Google was right: the app is now available on the Play Store, and can be installed on any device running Android TV.

The only exception: Android TV boxes modified by operators, who are not currently entitled to them. But otherwise, the application is widely available on the platform, one of the most important in the sector of smart TV and streaming devices. Apple TV will therefore reach even more consumers, who will be able to rent and buy films and series, and above all subscribe to Apple TV +.

Apple’s own streaming service, offered at € 4.99 per month (with a 7-day free trial), is much less rich than Netflix or Prime Video, but its exclusive content regularly receives good reviews. In addition, depending on its hardware and configuration, the application allows you to enjoy 4K, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos (this is the case on the Nvidia Shield TV). In addition, Google Assistant allows searching for content in the application.

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