A 48-inch Oled monitor at Gigabyte

A 48-inch Oled monitor at Gigabyte
A 48-inch Oled monitor at Gigabyte


The manufacturer Gigabyte has decided to use the 48-inch Oled LG Display Ultra HD panel already used by certain televisions (LG 48CX, 48C1, Sony 48A9) for its Aorus FO48U monitor dedicated to PC gaming.

The manufacturer Gigabyte has just unveiled its first Oled monitor for PC. Called Aorus FO48U, this model features a 48-inch (approximately 122 cm) Oled Ultra HD panel manufactured by LG Display and already present on certain televisions such as the LG 48CX, LG 48C1 or even Sony 48A9. There is still a difference in size: the brightness is limited to 135 cd / m² while it exceeds 650 cd / m² on televisions. This limited brightness avoids the tagging phenomenon, and we observed the same limitation on the Alienware AW5520QF monitor tested at the end of 2019, which used a 55-inch OLED TV panel. The Alienware monitor then displayed a maximum brightness of 116 cd / m². More surprisingly, the Gigabyte monitor is not compatible with HDR. It’s not really annoying on PC, but it’s more of a problem for use with game consoles that use and abuse HDR.

Le Gigabyte Aorus FO48U. © Gigabyte

Back to the Gigabyte Aorus FO48U monitor, the 48-inch Oled Ultra HD panel supports a native frequency of 120 Hz as well as AdaptiveSync and FreeSync Premium with an unspecified operating range. This technology prevents tearing of the image (tearing) and saccades (stuttering). The announced response time is 1 ms, but in fact it is much less than this value and it is almost instantaneous. As with televisions, this panel manages 10-bit color depth and displays 98% of the colors of the DCi-P3 color space, or 130% of the classic sRGB space of the PC world.

Compared to a television, the Aorus FO48U monitor stands out in terms of connectivity since in addition to offering two HDMI 2.1 inputs, it has a DisplayPort 1.4 input compatible with DSC (Display Stream Compression) which allows it to display an Ultra HD 120 Hz stream through this connector. We also note the presence of a headphone output, a USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports compatible with the integrated KVM functionality (keyboard switch, mouse-video) allowing to operate two computers with a single keyboard / mouse. The audio part seems neat since there are two 15 W speakers and a 20 W subwoofer, which should make it possible to provide an audio rendering worthy of the name. A remote control is also provided to access the various settings, change of sources and especially volume.

The connection. © Gigabyte

The connection. © Gigabyte

The ergonomics are on the other hand disappointing since, like on a television set, there is no adjustment of the inclination or the height. The monitor is still compatible with VESA 300 x 300 mm mounts, but it is still necessary to find an arm that can support the 14.7 kg of the beast.

Finally, on the side of the functionalities for the players, the Aorus FO48U has the Aim Stabilizer Sync which is a system of insertion of black images making it possible to deceive the retinal persistence and thus to improve the sharpness of the moving objects. This system is even compatible with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) AdaptiveSync and FreeSync. There is also the Black Stabilizer which allows you to unblock dark areas so as not to miss an enemy in the dark, a timer, an images per second counter and a viewfinder in the center of the screen superimposed.

Gigabyte has yet to announce a release date or price for its Aorus FO48U monitor, but we suspect it will be quite expensive. If we still find the LG 48C1 around 1300 €, the Gigabyte monitor with its more limited sales volume should be sold more expensive … at least 1500 € and perhaps much more, or around 2000 €. When we know that LG C1 televisions are compatible with both G-Sync and FreeSync, that the peak brightness exceeds 700 cd / m² on the 55C1 that we tested while being compatible with HDR, that leaves only little room for the Gigabyte monitor.


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