Hermen Hulst talks Bend Studio game, PC game releases and more

Hermen Hulst talks Bend Studio game, PC game releases and more
Hermen Hulst talks Bend Studio game, PC game releases and more

Le boss des studios PlayStation Hermen Hulst gave a new interview on the PlayStation Blog where he updates on exclusive games currently in development. This therefore includes the new original game from Bend Studio and the growing interest of PlayStation in the PC market.

This new interview has already made it possible to know that God of War: Ragnarok is postponed to 2022. In addition, it has been announced that the game will be cross-gen (and will therefore also be released on PS4); The same applies to Gran Turismo 7. And while we know more about Horizon Forbidden West (still slated for release around the holiday season 2021), Hulst has shared some details on what other internal Sony studios are up to us.

For example, Hermen Hulst revealed that Bend Studio is currently working on an “exciting new license” that takes advantage of “the deep open-world systems they have developed”.

A previous report stated that Bend Studio offered a sequel to Days Gone that was rejected by PlayStation. After talking about a few Naughty Dog projects – potentially a new Uncharted and a multiplayer The Last of Us game – Hulst confirms that Bend Studio on a brand new game.

Given PlayStation’s decision to release some first-party PC games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, Hulst says their PC success shows an “appetite” for PlayStation games outside of the console ecosystem. But Hulst pointed out that “ [la] PlayStation will continue to be the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch ”.

Hulst seems to indicate that the 2 year wait between the release of Days Gone on PS4 and PC was intentional and that, for now, PlayStation is committed to keeping first-party games strictly on PlayStation consoles.

Finally, the boss of the PlayStation studios sends a word about the Japanese development studios. The company recently re-organized Japan Studio. Key members of Japan Studio left the studio in the months following the announcement, but Hulst says PlayStation’s Japanese influence is part of the DNA of Sony’s video game subsidiary.

Among Japanese PlayStation studios, Polyphony Digital is currently working on Gran Turismo 7, and Hulst says Team Asobi was founded to develop an “age-appropriate” license.

It’s not yet clear if PlayStation will hold an E3 2021-style event, but at the same time, the company has revealed gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West as well as info on God of War Ragnarok.

Florian Marques is a freelance writer at IGN France.

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