So you can play it again soon – NEWSZONE

So you can play it again soon – NEWSZONE
So you can play it again soon – NEWSZONE

Fortnite was banned from Apple’s iPhones over a year ago. Now it could come back.

A version of Fortnite with touchscreen controls will be playable via the Geforce Now streaming service next week.

Who can play?

Initially, there will only be a limited test run. With game streaming, the games are displayed on the users’ screens, but they actually don’t run on their devices, but on the providers’ servers.

The cloud Fortnite will not run on the iPhone in an app, but in the web browser Safari. Interested Geforce Now users can be put on a waiting list.

What was the problem?

Apple banned Fortnite from the App Store in August 2020 after developer Epic Games tried to use a trick to overturn the platform’s payment rules. The gaming company had secretly built a feature into its app that allowed users to purchase Fortnite items directly from Epic without paying Apple commissions.

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