PS3 UPDATE: firmware 4.88 is available, a new feature in the program

It’s 2021, the PS4 is now over 7 years old, and the PS5 was released last year. And yet, it is the PlayStation 3 which has just been updated with a new version of its system software. If you follow console news, the changelog of firmware 4.88 will not surprise you, because it is the same as that of 4.87.

He adds in effect updated data to read the latest Blu-ray players, proof that YOU knows that his machine is still used to shoot films by some. It requires around 200MB of free space to be installed from the console or an external device, for those who prefer to download the patch from a PC.

Update 4.88

  • Updated Blu-ray playback data for new releases.
  • Minor security fix.

If you still want to buy PS3 games on the Store, which will remain open longer than expected on this platform, you can get cards PSN sure

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PS3 UPDATE firmware feature program

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