Tell Me Why is available for free on PC and Xbox

Tell Me Why is available for free on PC and Xbox
Tell Me Why is available for free on PC and Xbox

The Redmond firm is offering the first three chapters of studio DONTNOD’s narrative adventure, until the end of June.

From the makers of Life is Strange

Tell Me Why is the latest adventure game from DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind the popular Life is Strange series. ” In this intimate mystery, recently reunited twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan use their supernatural bond to unravel memories of their loving but troubled childhood. “, explains Microsoft.” Located in a small town in Alaska, Tell Me Why features lifelike characters, adult themes, and engaging choices. As you invoke memories of the past, your choices will affect the relationship between the twins, determine the strength of their bond, and shape the course of their lives.

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To enjoy the first three chapters free of charge, sur PC, Xbox One ou Xbox Series X/S, just go to this page and click on get. The game is also available in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Note that this is a Microsoft exclusive. The game is therefore not available on PlayStation, as was the case with the excellent Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2.


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