[CP] The Imperial Nobility takes the field in Blood Bowl 3

[CP] The Imperial Nobility takes the field in Blood Bowl 3
[CP] The Imperial Nobility takes the field in Blood Bowl 3

As well as being popular entertainment, the Blood Bowl is also a hugely lucrative business. The wealthy nobles of the Empire could not pass up such an opportunity to get rich and make their dreams of fame come true. Under the aegis of patrons with unlimited funds, the Imperial Nobility teams intend to establish their domination on the ground.

They are distinguished by their aggressive defense and rapid counterattack capabilities. Their Linemen, extremely difficult to pursue, and their Bodyguards, able to drag the adversaries in their fall, hold the line of defense while the Blitzers and the Throwers working together to lead the counteroffensive. Mainly made up of humans, the Imperial Nobility teams bring together gentlemen who are nonetheless violent, as evidenced by the presence of Ogres as powerful as they are intellectually limited within the teams.

Stable lines, skillful passes and mobility make Imperial Nobility teams formidable opponents on the pitch. Money rules and there is no shortage of it.

Good news for all those who are eager to take charge Blood Bowl 3 : registrations for the closed beta have just started! This will be held from June 3 to 13 2021.

Finally, Blood Bowl 3 is specified a Early access release, scheduled for September 2021 on PC only. The final version of the game will be available in February 2022 on PC and consoles.

Funnier, bloodier and more spectacular than ever, Blood Bowl 3 is a game that will delight fans of the universe as well as tactical game players. At its final launch, the game will feature 12 teams each with their own field and cheerleaders, Campaign and Multiplayer modes and a level of customization never before seen in a video game Blood Bowl.


Imperial Nobility takes field Blood Bowl

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