Ubisoft finally assumes that Far Cry 6 is a political game

After hammering out that Far Cry 6 wasn’t a political game at all, Ubisoft backpedaled.

« Our story is political » : in one sentence, Navid Khavari, narrative director of Far Cry 6, gives us the best backpedal of the year 2021, via a press release published on May 31. At the end of a video presentation, the interested party however hammered that Ubisoft’s game had ” no political message To pass, despite the assumed resemblances with Cuba. In a few hours, faced with the media fallout, the French firm changed its mind.

Ubisoft especially realized that it could hardly disconnect the plot from Far Cry 6 – take part in a revolution with the aim of overthrowing a dictator on a fictitious island – of his political aspirations. ” A story centered on a revolution must be political “, Admits Navid Khavari. Ubisoft is not the first company to return its jacket on the subject: recently, Victura made the blow with Six Days in Fallujah.

Far Cry 6 // Source : Ubisoft

Ultimately, Far Cry 6 is a political game

The change of speech is quite marked for Ubisoft which, suddenly, takes on all the sensitive issues raised by Far Cry 6 – a way of (re) giving yourself the beautiful role. Navid Khavari quotes: “ The rise of fascism within a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for free and fair elections, LGBTQ + rights [et plus]. »

Ubisoft is now trying to make us believe that Far Cry 6 will be based on an uncompromising plot. At the same time, the tweezers remain as to the representation of Cuba, which inspired the Yara Island – located in the Caribbean. ” If some hope for a binary and simplified political essay on the current climate in Cuba, they will not find it here », Recalls Navid Khavari. The idea remains to be inspired, without taking too much position either.

To guarantee the authenticity of Far Cry 6, the narrative director recalls that his teams approached real guerrillas who fought in the 1950s and 1960s. They also consulted experts. Navid Khavari says he himself experienced the consequences of the revolution. He attests: ” I have debated the subject of revolution at the table all my life. I can only speak for myself, but this is a complex subject that should not be reduced to a single quote. »

In short, Far Cry 6 has gone from “neutral blockbuster” to a game that no longer hesitates to “ ask tough questions »- with sensitivity, lightness and… humor.

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