EU to launch digital wallet to make life easier for Europeans

EU to launch digital wallet to make life easier for Europeans
EU to launch digital wallet to make life easier for Europeans

This ecosystem, which will be able to bring together essential documents and means of payment, will not be compulsory and promises to be “extra-secure.” Brussels will present the plans on Wednesday for implementation within a year.

After the health pass, the digital wallet. According to the Financial Times, the European Union will present on Wednesday a virtual wallet intended for European citizens which will allow them to keep in an application a certain number of documents and means of payment to make their lives easier on their journeys within the Member States. .

According to the sources of the Financial Times, this virtual wallet will not be compulsory but will allow those who wish it to have access to a whole digital ecosystem “extra-secure and very flexible”: driver’s license, identity card , means of payment, passwords …

Time saving

The idea is to make life easier for Europeans. For example, the application will make it possible to rent a vehicle remotely, without going through the rental company’s counter to transmit its documents. A saving of time which responds perfectly to the post-covid era, understands the EU, which is preparing to set up a health pass for trips to Europe this summer.

The idea is above all to bring competition to American GAFAs, which are increasingly entrusted with our personal data such as credit card numbers. “People will also have the power to decide how much information they send, while Google and others won’t let you decide what you give,” a source told the FT. Brussels also promises dikes to prevent the commercial exploitation of data.

This future portfolio is in fact part of the vast digital policy of the European Union, the culmination of which remains the Digital Services Act, which is supposed to bring GAFA into line but also to boost innovation on the continent.

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