Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are of great interest to OnePlus

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are of great interest to OnePlus
Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are of great interest to OnePlus

Smartphone brands are increasingly interested in Blockchain and OnePlus has just published a very explicit study on this subject. Spotted by MySmartPrice and entitled “OnePlus Blockchain Research”, it was addressed to OnePlus customers to ask them about their relationship to these new markets.

Customers were thus asked if they had already bought and kept cryptocurrencies, but also NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the new El Dorado of digital works thanks to the Blockchain.

At that, OnePlus asked them what types of issues they were currently having. What to imagine OnePlus wanting to develop new services in connection with these digital assets.

Three projects envisaged

Between cryptocurrencies and NFTs, OnePlus could be required to offer a purchasing platform to its users, by providing them with a wallet and all the services close to Binance or even Coinbase. As for NFTs, it is still difficult to know what type of digital certifications OnePlus intends to apply. To understand the interest and areas of activity taken by storm by NFTs, here are 5 projects.

These avenues of study echo Samsung. The South Korean brand is more advanced in the sector, and intends to offer a portfolio of digital tokens to its customers with its “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” SDK. It is not known if OnePlus sent its questionnaire for a purpose different from that of offering homemade services, but a third project already seems very concrete.

This third part of the study concerns the second-hand smartphone market. If this could seem disconnected from Blockchain projects, OnePlus has nevertheless asked its customers the question. To put it simply, the brand might consider setting up a platform for the sale of used smartphones by its customers. And the Blockchain would make it possible to certify the ownership of each device.

Looking back, this is not the first time that OnePlus has brought up the subject of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain. In 2018, the brand even came to publish a video revealing a mysterious token, followed by the message “The Blockchain will meet OnePlus soon”.

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