Among Us: Two Million Daily Users Thanks To The Epic Games Store

Among Us: Two Million Daily Users Thanks To The Epic Games Store
Among Us: Two Million Daily Users Thanks To The Epic Games Store

Among Us is less popular than a few months ago, although it still has a solid player base, especially on PC. When the Airship update was released, former users relaunched the experience, but very quickly, the number of active players decreased, stagnating at around 300,000 daily active users, with a natural peak on weekends. -end, as reported by Victoria Tran, director of the Among Us community.

However, and as was to be expected, following the free entry of the title on the Epic Games Store for a week, many gamers jumped at the chance to add the title to their PC library. Without much surprise, the number of daily users has drastically increased, almost six-fold. It went from around 350,000 on the weekend of May 22, to graze with 2 million on the 29th. Note that these figures only count PC players.

In addition to the free access on the Epic Games Store, the fact that the United States benefited from a long weekend also explains, perhaps, this increase in players. Either way, the limited-time offer can only do some good for Among Us, who saw their players drop from week to week.. If you still haven’t picked up Among Us for free, we’ve got you covered here. We recall that it will also arrive on PS4 / PS5 and Xbox consoles later in the year.

If you would like more information on Among Us or join an active community to share good times with other players, we invite you to join the Among Us France Community Discord.

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