Roguebook: a new look at the roguelike deckbuilder – news

Roguebook: a new look at the roguelike deckbuilder – news
Roguebook: a new look at the roguelike deckbuilder – news

It is therefore the cards that determine the outcome of the fights in this title developed by the Belgian studio Abrakam with the participation of Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic who knows a little bit about card fighting. With his careful artistic direction, Roguebook proposes to select a duo of heroes among the 4 available: Sharra slices in the quick, Sorocco parries the attacks, Aurora deploys his magic and Seifer unleashes his rage against those who have dared to target him.

Each hero actually has a collection of over 50 cards, a personal treasure, and their own talent tree. At the start of each turn, the players are informed of the attacks they will have to take. It is therefore up to them to establish the right strategies and bring down the cards at the best time and in the right order to optimize the sequences.

Roguelike obliges, each defeat involves starting again at the beginning of the game leaving the procedural generation to turn everything upside down, but each game will make you a little more powerful thanks to the new cards and skills unlocked. The game system offers to improve its cards with 30 gems. Perseverance will therefore be an essential quality to overcome a bestiary with more than 50 different enemies.

Nacon and Abrakam also announce a game time of 20 hours on average to see the end and a hundred hours to unlock everything. Defeating the final boss unlocks the next level of Epilogue, knowing that each level grants access to new treasures, gems and events, while freeing tougher enemies. Eh yes.


Roguebook roguelike deckbuilder news

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