AMD will unveil the FidetlityFX Super Resolution on June 22, and it will also be compatible with NVIDIA cards

It is therefore on June 22 thatAMD will launch its FidetlityFX Super Resolution alias the FSR, which claims to be a competitor to NVIDIA’s DLSS. Besides, quite interesting things, the FSR will work with all AMD graphics cards such as the RX Vega, RX 500, RX 5000 and RX 6000, but also with AMD RYZEN APUs, but also potentially competing graphics cards, so NVIDIA and Intel soon. We can also include the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, as they use AMD chips.

AMD has not yet given all the details of its technology, but provides a notable performance gain of 60,300% depending on the game and depending on the operating mode. Moreover 4 operating modes will be available, Ultra Quality, Quality, Balanced and Performance.

amd FidetlityFX SuperResolution 22-juin

AMD took the example of Godfall, which runs 49 FPS in 4K with an RX 6800 XT. In Ultra Quality we go 78 FPS, in Quality we go 99 FPS, in Balanced we go 124 FPS and finally in Performance we are 150 FPS.

AMD also demonstrated the FSR with a GTX 1060 in Godfall in 1440p, where we go from 27 to 38 FPS in Quality, so 41% more performance.

amd FidetlityFX SuperResolution 22-juinamd FidetlityFX SuperResolution 22-juin

Here is what to remember from FSR according to AMD:

Super Resolution

– Major framerate boosts combined with high-quality, high-resolution graphics!
– Four different quality modes proposed: Performance, Balanced, Quality, and Ultra Quality.


– FSR is not limited to the latest GPU architectures only! It runs on a large variety of GPUs.
– Wide API support for DirectX12, Vulkan, and DirectX11!
– Once released, FSR can be ported onto multiple platforms without restriction.

Open source

– In due course, FSR 1.0 will be provided here on GPUOpen under the MIT license.

Easy to integrate

– The same great experience that you expect from AMD FidelityFX, with a low barrier of entry.
– Full shader source code provided for a smooth and flexible integration.
– Fixed and arbitrary scaling supported.

Highly optimized

– FSR is hand-optimized for fast performance across a wide variety of GPUs.

To discover the FSR in video, it’s here:

source : Videocardz

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