Biomutant – Experiment 101 promises many fixes

Biomutant – Experiment 101 promises many fixes
Biomutant – Experiment 101 promises many fixes

Small mutant will become big?

We’re not going to hide it, even if Biomutant has certain charms, its global score has left us unsatisfied. Worse, it even disappointed us. But if many are those who also appreciated it, one point joins all the opinions: the difficulties experienced by the title.

Since its release, Biomutant has indeed crystallized criticism, remarks and other requests from around the world. And at a time when returns are increasingly easy to collect, they have not fallen on deaf ears.

So, as the title enters its second week of life, Experiment 101 has taken the time to express itself.

in order to explain the future. And not surprisingly, this future will go through many and scattered improvements.

‟We are working on an update for Biomutant which we hope will reach players soon.

In all likelihood, the update will arrive first on PC and then on consoles.

This update will include bug fixes and changes based on community feedback. ”

Obviously having to deal with the most urgent, Experiment 101 will therefore work hard on the most uplifted and uplifting flaws:

‟We are working on the rhythm of the dialogues, the narrator settings, the difficulty, the video settings like depth of field and motion blur, loot and enemies, sound and combat. ”

Suffice to say that the list is long as an arm but unfortunately synonymous with the difficulties encountered, at present, by the title. Now a long road begins for Experiment 101. A path also strewn with player reviews clearly discussing the state in which the Swedish studio released Biomutant …


Biomutant Experiment promises fixes

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