The Nice startup ExactCure in turmoil with UPSA

The Nice startup ExactCure in turmoil with UPSA
The Nice startup ExactCure in turmoil with UPSA

Little excitement for ExactCure, which has just signed a partnership with the giant UPSA, a pharmacological laboratory established in France since 1935. The one which in 2018 created a digital platform that allows patients to avoid under-doses, overdoses and other disastrous drug interactions , is now prescribed by UPSA, via a personalization of the mobile app developed by ExactCure. Goal? Support patients for the proper use of the drug, secure self-medication, in addition to the advice of the pharmacist.

The technology developed by ExcatCure is unique in the world in this area and the startup has the potential to turn medication errors into bad memories, at least those due to a lack of customization of dosages.

Control and secure self-medication

For UPSA, essential brand of the French medicine cabinet: “The proper use of self-medication is a major pillar of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy, will support this innovative health solution expected in the fall of 2021”

Headaches, colds, flu, sore throat… the majority of French people resort to self-medication for mild disorders. If, as part of a responsible care process, obtaining the pharmacist’s opinion is an essential prerequisite for any self-medication, it is advisable, once at home in front of your medicine cabinet, to provide support to better secure this practice.

Artificial intelligence-boosted technology

As part of this partnership, ExactCure has developed this medical device based on the creation of a digital twin using artificial intelligence and ExactCure proprietary technology.

“Through the provision of this health solution, the common ambition is to promote good behavior in terms of monitoring dosages according to each patient, any drug interactions, contraindications, and allergy risks, in addition to advice from healthcare professionals. ”

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