This shampoo and shower gel reduces the ravages of chlorine on swimmers

The shampoo and shower gel developed by Wafe Care – Wafe Care

  • The Hérault start-up Wafe Care has designed an organic shampoo and shower gel that helps combat the unwanted effects of chlorine on the skin and hair.
  • This product alleviates persistent chlorine odors and nourishes dry skin and hair from prolonged contact with this chemical element.
  • It is primarily intended for athletes who practice sports in the swimming pool.

In a swimming pool, chlorine sterilizes the water and kills bacteria. But it is not without consequences for swimmers, especially top-level swimmers, who spend most of their time in the pools. “Chlorine attacks,” confirms former swimmer Simon Dufour, 17 times gold medalist at the French championships, who has long worn the colors of the Montpellier University Club. This leads to increased dryness of the skin and hair. This does not necessarily have very serious repercussions, but swimmers become acclimatized, as they go, to itching, irritation, etc. “

The first product developed by the Hérault start-up Wafe Care, specializing in cosmetics for athletes, attempts to provide an anti-chlorine solution to those used to swimming pools: it is a shampoo and shower gel two in an organic which, according to the young company, attenuates persistent chlorine odors and nourishes the skin and hair dried out by prolonged contact with this chemical element.

Chlorine also destroys “good bacteria”

“By talking to athletes, I realized that the question of the effects of chlorine often came up in conversations,” says Manon Barra, chemist and founder of Wafe Care. The function of chlorine in swimming pools is to destroy viruses, germs and fungi. On the skin there are also bacteria. But these are good bacteria, the microbiota… ”And chlorine does not make any difference. It also destroys friendly bacteria. “He does not say to himself” Ah, I am on someone’s skin, these are good bacteria, I do not kill them “, continues Manon Barra. Depending on the type of skin, this causes irritation, itching … And chlorine also attacks the hair, and destroys all the good constituents. “

The product she created, composed of 97.5% natural ingredients, including plant extracts, is certified organic by the Ecocert label. It makes it possible to prevent “that the chlorine is fixed” and to “capture odors and eliminate them by rinsing”, continues Manon Barra. And leaves on the body odors of lychee and verbena. Simon Dufour was one of the first to test this product. “The swimmer’s first annoyance when he comes out of the pool is that he smells of chlorine,” he continues. It’s a bit unpleasant when the smell comes out, at work or on a date. The first thing I looked at, when testing the product, was if it got rid of that smell. And that’s the case. The former athlete, who finds the idea “brilliant”, will put on sale, in the coming days, the first product of Wafe Care on the shop specializing in swimming that he created, Swiiim.

And if swimmers, triathletes, water polo players, or those who practice aquabike or aquafitness, are obviously the first target of Wafe Care, those who paddle on Sundays in the pools, just for fun, can also test this innovative shampoo and shower gel. Its price: 12.90 euros for 100 ml. But Wafe Care is not going to stop there: Manon Barra’s objective is to launch a range of cosmetic products, which meets “the specific needs of athletes, and their constraints of use”. The idea is, continues Manon Barra, “to touch all sports”.

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