Nintendo gets RomUniverse condemnation

Nintendo gets RomUniverse condemnation
Nintendo gets RomUniverse condemnation

Nintendo is making itself heard. And for good reason, its hunt against the Roma is paying off: the trial started in 2019 against RomUniverse leads to the conviction of the creator of the site.

It’s a victory for Nintendo!

Launched for some time in the hunt against copies of its games and therefore Roma sites, the Japanese manufacturer was recently satisfied by a judgment rendered against one of these pirate distributors: RomUniverse. This verdict, condemning the creator of the site to pay $ 2.1 million in damages and interest, follows suit initiated by Nintendo in 2019. Admittedly, the amount received by the company is less than the 15 million requested, however the latter is satisfied. Especially since this conviction was accompanied by the immediate closure of the site.

However, the judge considering that the principal concerned, Matthew Storman, did not cause caused “irreparable harm” is seen exempt from a permanent injunction.

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Nintendo RomUniverse condemnation

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