this function for smartwatch just might save couples

this function for smartwatch just might save couples
this function for smartwatch just might save couples

Google would prepare a function to measure its snoring on Fitbit connected watches.

For now, the connected watch market remains largely dominated by Apple and its Apple Watch, but there is movement on the side of Google to shake up this hegemony. Not only did the firm buy Fitbit at the start of the year for nearly $ 2.1 billion, but it also announced its desire to work harder to develop Wear OS, its operating system dedicated to connected watches, by developing a common platform with Samsung.

To turn things around, the Californian giant will have to bring real added value to its future connected watches. Google could in particular take advantage of functions specific to Fitbit watches, namely, health monitoring and sports functions. The sleep analysis could thus be improved and detect your snoring!

A snoring detector in preparation?

This is in any case what explains 9To5Google, who spotted this feature in Fitbit’s Android app. For the time being, Google has not yet made any such announcement. However, the site explains in a little more detail how this new option would work.

“While sleeping, your Fitbit device’s microphone can monitor noise, including snoring from you or someone next to you.” specifies the application. When activated, this feature classifies your snoring into three categories, from non-existent or very mild snoring to frequent snoring.

Note that, as discovered by 9To5Google, this snoring detector is not intended to help you correct them, but simply to measure them and thus enhance your health data. At least this will make it possible to realize the sounds that one inflicts or not inflicts on his / her partner during the night and to remedy them if necessary by consulting a doctor afterwards.

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