Watch Dogs : Legion of the Dead

Watch Dogs : Legion of the Dead
Watch Dogs : Legion of the Dead

Ubisoft will deploy today a new update for Watch Dogs : Legion. The latter will bring improvements and additions, especially on the multiplayer part. Indeed, this Update 4.5 includes a brand new online mode called Legion of the Dead. And as the name suggests, get ready to take on waves of zombies. Note that for the moment, this mode is only available on PC. No date for a console arrival has been communicated.

The IGN site was able to exclusively discover this free extension with the controller in hand. A 21-minute gameplay video follows, available below. So, Watch Dogs : Legion transforms into a roguelite playable for up to four online in which you will have to cooperate to overcome hordes of the living dead. Ubisoft specifies that this game mode is currently in alpha. It will be regularly updated and will evolve in the coming weeks.

Other information was unveiled by the American media in an interview given by Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, director of the online game on the game. We learn that the zombies will be slow but particularly deadly. These can also be used as a gameplay tool to wreak havoc in the fortified developments of Albion. It is also specified that, even if this mode is not intended to be independent of the original game, nothing is excluded. The developers are listening to the community on this point, but also for any possible adjustment.


Watch Dogs Legion Dead

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