An iPhone 12 Pro fished from the bottom of a channel with the MagSafe cable

An iPhone 12 Pro fished from the bottom of a channel with the MagSafe cable
An iPhone 12 Pro fished from the bottom of a channel with the MagSafe cable

Seeing your 12-inch iPhone fall to the bottom of a canal in Berlin in the middle of the night leaves little hope. The owner of the smartphone, however, has not given up on the idea of ​​finding his iPhone 12 Pro. Ingenious, he decided to use the MagSafe cable to fish it out.

Clearly, the iPhone are real die-hards. They can spend 30 days at the bottom of a frozen lake or drop to the bottom of a canal, but they still work. Two friends were walking at night along a canal in Berlin when theiPhone 12 Pro of one of them is suddenly fell into the water.

An iPhone 12 Pro – Credit: Zana Latif / Unsplash

Two options are generally conceivable in such a scenario. Either give up your iPhone for good or you jump in the water to try to find it. The latter solution being far from pleasant, the owner of the smartphone had a better idea, more ingenious and above all completely new.

The iPhone 12’s MagSafe can also be used as a fishing rod

The owner of the iPhone 12 Pro still waded through three feet of muddy water at first to no avail. Well, not totally since he discovered an abandoned Nintendo Switch which unfortunately was not as lucky as the iPhone 12 Pro. According to his friend who shared the whole story in detail on Twitter, they managed to fish out the iPhone 12 Pro thanks to the câble MagSafe.

Indeed, one of the flagship new features of the iPhone 12 launched last October was the return of the MagSafe wireless charger. Although it can damage cases, demagnetize cards and heat the iPhone, it offers fast wireless charging of 15W. The icing on the cake, it is finally even able to recover lost iPhones since it is magnetic.

In the end, the two friends were more afraid than hurt. Their improvised fishing rod managed to find the iPhone 12 Pro without too much difficulty and bring it to the surface. After having rid it of the accumulated mud, they had the good surprise to find that the iPhone was in perfect working order and that it was always well charged, even after spending several hours in the mud. This incident is not as impressive as that of the iPhone 11 submerged for 6 months in a lake, but the solution of the fishing rod with the MagSafe is in any case the most unprecedented that we have seen until present.

Source : Ubergizmo


iPhone Pro fished bottom channel MagSafe cable

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