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Hearthstone is an extremely useful item in World of Warcraft and will also be available in Burning Crusade Classic (TBC).

In World of Warcraft and even more so when you don’t have a flying mount like at the beginning of TBC, it is important to optimize your Hearthstone. Because once you are back in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdom, if your PDF is not in Outland, you must go all the way to get to the Dark Portal (unless a mage teleports you).

It is therefore important to ask yourself where to put your Hearthstone and above all, where. Shattrath seems to be the most useful capital. Even if there is no hotel sales in Shattrath, this capital allows you to directly access Outland and especially to have access via the portals of the center of the city to all the capitals of your faction.

Which hostel should you put your WoW TBC Hearthstone in?

You have two choices in Shattrath: Aldor Inn and Clairvoyants Inn. Depending on the reputation you have chosen, you will be able to put your stone there. If you are interested in knowing which reputation to choose between Aldor and Clairvoyants, read our article by clicking on the link!

Two inns are available to you in Shattrath: Aldor or Clairvoyants

This is what the Clairvoyants Innkeeper looks like

This is what the Innkeeper of Aldor looks like


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