A MacBook Pro Mini-LED in the third quarter?

A MacBook Pro Mini-LED in the third quarter?
A MacBook Pro Mini-LED in the third quarter?

The first deliveries of Mini-LED panels for the MacBook Pro would be scheduled for the third quarter of this year 2021, says DigiTimes (via MacRumors). The Taiwanese publication mentions the supply by Global Lighting Technologies of components intended for the backlighting, which has the particularity of being able to be controlled by zones. The time of assembly, these screens could be found on MacBook Pro 14 “and 16” in the course of the summer.

Concept by Antonio De Rosa

Earlier this month, journalist Mark Gurman said that the review of MacBook Pros still equipped with Intel chips was well planned for this summer, with a new chassis, richer connectivity and a more muscular Apple Silicon processor than the Apple M1 chip. Some hallway rumors even evoke an announcement on the occasion of WWDC 2021 to be held next week. We wouldn’t put a hand in it, but it is plausible; it is in any case strongly advised to wait if a high-end MacBook Pro catches your eye.

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MacBook Pro MiniLED quarter

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