Apple had planned other colors of accessories

At the launch of AirTags, an interesting visual had slipped on the Apple site: to illustrate the Accessories section dedicated to AirTags, Apple had put forward two straps and a key ring in the color California Poppy. However, Apple’s leather keychain, sold for € 39, is not sold in this yellow color (it is available in Baltic Blue, Havana and Red). The visual has since been corrected.

If there is no doubt that Apple tested multiple colors before selecting the models finally put on sale, the existence of this visual shows that some variants were undoubtedly canceled at the last minute. It even seems that this keychain in California Poppy color was indeed produced: it ended up for sale on eBay, with other unknown variants such as pink and light blue colors for the silicone strap (35 €) , have spotted our colleagues from 9To5Mac.

The development of AirTags took much longer than expected, and some accessories were already ready since 2020: Apple has probably changed its selection of colors in the meantime and some stocks already produced have obviously not ended up being scrapped. We must in any case expect a seasonality for these new accessories. The extent of the range and the frequency of renewal will depend on the success of the AirTags, but there is no reason that Apple does not follow the same strategy as with the Apple Watch bands or the cases of the Apple Watch. ‘iPhone, whose collection is renewed very regularly.

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