Watch Dogs Legion welcomes zombie mode on PC

Watch Dogs Legion welcomes zombie mode on PC
Watch Dogs Legion welcomes zombie mode on PC

This is an announcement that we didn’t really see coming. Since its release last October, Watch Dogs Legion has already received several updates including a number of new features such as a multiplayer mode, new missions, a new playable heroine, additional gadgets and customization elements, and more. . The next patch, scheduled for today, arrives with the famous Performance mode. allowing you to enjoy the 60 fps experience on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the possibility of cross-generation online play but also various additional content as a new operator and the second part of Tactical Op mode.

However, as the roadmap indicated, one of the additions of this 4.5 update remained unknown until then. The latter was finally revealed yesterday via the columns of IGN. From today, PC players will be able to enjoy Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, an additional mode which, as its name suggests, gives pride of place to zombies.. Available in alpha version for the moment, this roguelite PvE mode playable solo or up to four players invites us to fight against monsters invading the streets of London. Monsters which, according to the words of Jean-Pascal Cambiotti (online manager), are “Slow but deadly”.

For now, Ubisoft continues to work on it and announces that it is planned to “Update the game frequently in order to be able to react, for example by adjusting the level of difficulty according to the comments” which will be made by the players. If it works well, the studio does not close the door to the idea of ​​taking the project a little further. This will allow you to have something to wait until July, during which the most awaited expansion for the game by the public, namely Bloodline, will appear, which will mark the return of Aiden Pierce in a brand new arc. narrative set at the heart of the events of Watch Dogs Legion. A teaser was also



Watch Dogs Legion welcomes zombie mode

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