Chip crisis could last for years according to Intel boss

This is the big problem at the start of the year in several important sectors of the economy, including tech in particular. Semiconductors, also called “chips”, the core element of high-tech devices, are undergoing a shortage which affects all the major players in the field.. And if since the authorities of the world, including that of the United States, have looked into this question, no solution has been found for the moment. Worse, the latest estimates indicated that this crisis was getting worse. Bad omen which are confirmed again today, and not by just anyone!

Intel boss Pat Gelsinger

Indeed, Intel boss Pat Gelsinger explained during a videoconference held yesterday that the “over-demand” for devices like smartphones and tablets during the various confinements around the world – following the Covid pandemic -19 – resulted in a shortage, which could “last a few years”. He also added that Intel “plan for development in other locations in the US and Europe, in order to ensure a sustainable semiconductor supply chain for the world”. What to make even more pessimistic than we could already be?


Chip crisis years Intel boss

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