for the CEO of Intel, it could last for years

for the CEO of Intel, it could last for years
for the CEO of Intel, it could last for years
norwy a écrit:

They only have to increase the release cycle times of new models, no need to release a new version every year.

This will slow down all the hardware renewal which is not necessarily justified for 10% more performance barely visible …

Right, then a proc, it’s like a CG.
It takes “really” a long time.
We can speak of ten years for a user in “normal” use.
I’m talking about physical machines, eh, I don’t endorse the * erde in laptops

Then, apart from the reduction in engraving and the much reduced consumption, there has not really been a revolution since the beginning of the i5, i7. (I’m talking about 2009-2010).
Bloomfield and Lynnfield i7s (920 and 860) were already running at almost 4ghz 10 years ago for 4c / 8t.

So yes, intel is commercially savvy, with each version, it changes motherboard this idiot.
10 different motherboards in 10 years that you had to buy if you changed proc for each version where AMD only required 3.

If his article of “shortage” is real, one could even say that Intel will be responsible for this shortage because as with each version, it will be necessary to submit to buy a new motherboard (gen 11 included) to “take advantage” of its last proc (which will have evolved too little on 2-3 gen only to change)


CEO Intel years

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