AMD Introduces RYZEN 9 5900X V-Cache CPU, 15% Faster in Gaming

During his conference of Computex, AMD therefore unveiled a processor RYZEN 9 5900X V-Cache. A processor which is a 5900X with 12 cores and 24 threads, but which incorporates additional cache memory. Indeed, this model offers a 3D Vertical Cache, that is, we have an additional L3 cache chip that has been superimposed on top of the processor dies. So this RYZEN 9 5900X V-Cache had 64MB of additional L3 cache memory, in addition to the 32MB of L3 cache memory normally available in the processor. So this RYZEN 9 5900X V-Cache has no less than 96MB of L3 cache memory.

And in terms of performance, it seems very effective, especially for Gaming, with a gain of around 15%.

amd ryzen-9-5900x vcache processoramd ryzen-9-5900x vcache processor

With this technology, AMD could therefore multiply the L3 cache on its processors and thus further boost performance. Imagine a little RYZEN 9 5950X V-Cache in 16 cores / 32 threads and 192 MB of cache …

To discover the V-Cache with Lisa SU, it is from 34 minutes:

source : Videocardz

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