Mediawan continues its development with Pluto TV

Mediawan continues its development with Pluto TV
Mediawan continues its development with Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the SVoD platform 100% financed by the distribution of advertising which is on the rise, thanks in particular to its financial model which differs from that of the competition, based on a license or a subscription that some are not. ready to hire.

Basically, it is an alternative giving a good conscience to fans of the genre, anxious to maintain a balance in their consumption, the diversity of subscriptions weighing down the budget somewhat.

Second advantage: continuous broadcasting of its content, around certain specific themes, on linear channels, ie without the possibility of replay, with programming according to a traditional broadcasting method.

If Pluto TV has been doing quite well up to now in the face of ever tougher competition and thanks to its new model, it has felt it necessary to evolve; a direction now taken with a partnership signed with Mediawan in recent days, a project led by Xavier Niel in particular, and which has been pursuing a fairly intense pace of development for several weeks.

The classics of the TV series brought up to date …

This new partnership should allow Pluto TV to offer an even more varied and voluminous content catalog with the addition of a share of French production thanks to 12 additional channels produced in the region and in Latin America.

As a reminder, Mediawan owns the broadcasting rights for all AB productions but above all a very large number of classics which made the heyday of TV series in the 90s such as a panel of 150 films divided into several categories.

The agreement should allow, as of today, access on the Pluto TV platform to Mediawan programs to reach by the end of the year, a catalog of no less than 100 channels by the end of the holiday season. year.


Mediawan continues development Pluto

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