PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series: The shortage will last for years?

While the Playstation boss predicted the end of the shortage, we thought we finally saw the end of the tunnel. It must be said that until now, Sony was putting the package to resolve the crisis and it worked since the Playstation 5 sells twice as much as the Xbox Series. However, during the COMPUTEX (event dedicated to the world of electronics) the boss of Intel, Pat Gelsinger, was very pessimistic by asserting that the current crisis could continue for years to come. According to him, “si the industry has launched short-term initiatives to address this constraint, it may take years to fully resolve stockouts regarding foundries, substrates and components.

The shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series could last for years according to the boss of Intel – Credit (s): sony

While Sony will sell the PS5 directly on its store, we may still have trouble getting our hands on a next-gen console for a long time to come. The problem stems from the shortage of semiconductors, essential to create the new processors for the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series. As the reminder Pat Gelsinger, although Sony and Microsoft are making efforts, it’s an entire industry that is impacted by the current crisis. Especially since Playstation and Xbox have the same supplier, so a large order for one console necessarily penalizes the production of the other. A new model of playstation 5 or Xbox Series requiring fewer components might help improve the situation, but will it be enough to end the next-gen console shortage ? We just have to cross our fingers and hope that the situation will quickly return to normal.


PlayStation Xbox Series shortage years

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