Intel is once again attacking the MacBook Pro

If you still needed proof that there will be no more overhaul of the 16 “MacBook Pro with an Intel processor, here it is. Intel yesterday introduced its Eleventh Generation H-Series Core processors, which are likely to find themselves in a future model of MacBook Pro if Apple had not chosen to create its own chips. Frequencies up to 5 GHz, native support for Wi-Fi 6E, various optimizations to gain power and in particular graphics power … This new generation of chips brings its share of novelties, and Intel intends to make it known by comparing itself to the Mac.

To illustrate the progress of its processors, Intel has compared itself to Apple’s computers on multiple occasions, promising “A better gaming experience than on 100% Mac laptops”. The founder has also published graphics to show the superiority of its chips over various video games. We had already struggled to understand the smear advertising campaign involving Justin Long, but it is beyond comprehension: Intel does not attack Apple Silicon chips, but compares its new processors to the MacBook Pro 16 “high range which is equipped with a Core i9 of H series designed by itself! Graphics card aside, the founder does nothing but show that its eleventh generation chips are more efficient than the ninth generation used on the MacBook Pro 16 “released in November 2019 …

One thing is in any case certain, is that these processors will never end up in a Mac. The top-of-the-range MacBook Pro review is expected this summer, with a new Apple Silicon chip model that should integrate 10 cores (8 for performance and 2 for energy savings), against 8 cores (4 for performance). and 4 for energy savings) on the Apple M1 chip. It is to this new chip, which should carry up to 32 graphics cores (8 cores on the Apple M1 chip), that Intel will be able to compare its future H series Core processors.

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