new stocks coming this wednesday 02 june

PLAYSTATION 5. The Veepee private sales site will make several copies of the PlayStation 5 available on Wednesday 02 June. Stocks should not be numerous, however.

Sony’s latest console is still out of stock at all specialist retailers, and only a few physical stores seem to have low stocks. Veepee has however just confirmed that the console will be available soon on their site.

The Veepee private sales site regularly offers some great offers on many different products. We learn today that a stock of PlayStation 5 will be made available to Internet users this Wednesday June 02, from 7 am. Difficult to estimate, however, whether this restock will be significant or not. The last arrivals of the console were at Showroomprive, but the quantities were extremely low. If you want to prepare as well as possible, we can recommend that you register on the Veepee site (this step is mandatory to access the site). You will also have a voucher of 10 euros on your first order … If you manage to get your hands on the precious console!

According to information circulating on the web, the console will not be available on its own, but in a pack with the game Returnal, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, a PS5 remote control, and a Konix headset. Another identical pack should also be offered, but with a bonus controller.

Although the rumor was already swelling at several specialist dealers, this time the information comes from Sony. According to the Bloomberg site, the manufacturer of the Playstation 5 would have warned a group of analysts that the company will not be able to compensate for the lack of stocks of the console by 2022:

“We have sold over 100 million copies of the Playstation 4 and, given the market and our reputation, I cannot imagine that current demand is slowing down quickly.”

This is difficult news for the (very) many players around the world who are still struggling to get their hands on a copy of the console. The PS5 is still very difficult to find today because of several factors that greatly slow down its production.

Quite complicated question, since the current COVID-19 pandemic is seriously affecting the production as well as the deliveries of the components necessary for the proper functioning of the PS5. However, the machine seems to be available in sufficient quantity on the Rakuten site, via several resellers (professionals or individuals). However, it is displayed at a price of 799.99 euros in its classic version, and 719 euros in its digital version. That is several hundred euros more than the standard prices, which respectively amount 499.99 euros for the classic version and 399.99 euros for the digital version. While this is obviously not the best price, these offers may still be suitable for those who can no longer wait for availability.

It is therefore difficult to get the precious last-generation console from PlayStation. It is however possible to find from time to time some availability at certain resellers. As stocks remain extremely low, these availabilities unfortunately never last more than a few minutes … We will keep you informed if stocks return on certain merchant sites.

The PS5 is available at two different prices depending on the version you want. However, the latter can see their price vary greatly depending on their availability or the site on which you are.

  • The PS5 – basic edition is the classic version of the PlayStation 5 console. It is notably equipped with an SSD disk which greatly reduces the loading times of your games. Its usual price is 499.99 euros.
  • ​​​The PS5 – digital edition is a light version of the PlayStation 5 console. It does not have a built-in BluRay player. You will therefore only be able to buy your games in dematerialized form on this edition. Its usual price is 399.99 euros.

Note that apart from the BluRay player, the two versions of the PS5 are identical. Their major difference therefore comes from the presence of a BluRay player or not. It’s up to you to see if you are ready to do without games in physical format and all the associated advantages (possibility of exchanges, resale, purchase in second-hand format …).

If you are one of the lucky owners of PS5, you will surely be interested in some accessories, but also games to go with them! Less stock-outs to be expected on this side: the games and accessories reserved for the PS5 are quite easily found everywhere on the net as well as in specialized stores. However, pay attention to certain prices which can quickly change depending on the stocks. Among the most popular accessories, we obviously find the PlayStation 5 controller, a charging station, and other products for maximum playing comfort.

The PS5’s DualSense is also easily found online if you want to purchase a second controller for your multiplayer sessions. Here are some specifics of the exclusive PlayStation 5 controller:

  • Clickable touchpad
  • Bright LED that adapts to your games
  • USB Type-C connector
  • Ultra precise vibrations
  • Built-in microphone and speaker

If you don’t want to bother with the charging cables for your controllers, you might just fall for this official charging station. Capable of charging up to two controllers at the same time, it does not need to be plugged into your console to operate. This will allow you to free up the USB Type-C ports on your console for other uses.

Ideal for your online sessions, the PS5 wireless headset has a very comfortable design that will completely encompass your ears. You will be able to fully enjoy the sound environment of your games with its 3D audio system and its anti-background noise technology. Note that this headset is also compatible with PS4, PC and PSVR.

A console is not a console without its games and, for once, the Playstation 5 is launching on the market with a catalog that is enviable despite a very low number of exclusives. If other games are already expected (including Horizon 2), you can also count on non-exclusive licenses like the next Resident Evil. However, the promise of a high-end gaming experience, whether in terms of graphics or fluidity all with immensely reduced loading times, is kept. To allow you to see more clearly, we have concocted a selection of games to watch for the launch of the PS5 but also in the coming months. Enough to allow you to choose the gaming experiences that will please you the most on the Sony console.

If you are not yet one of the lucky owners of the PS5, we can only advise you to watch this article. The latter will be updated according to the stocks available on the various sites of specialized resellers. These restocks are often crowded with many interested people, so try to be as quick as possible to buy the latest Sony console or get in line!

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