Watch Dogs Legion: surprise, zombies land in Legion of the Dead mode, 22 minutes of shared gameplay

You have probably already heard someone say that by being in front of our screens we become real zombies and we have to believe thatUbisoft took this concept literally to integrate it into Watch Dogs Legion. Indeed, the update that must be released this Tuesday, June 1 included a mysterious box adorned with a question mark, a surprise that was unveiled exclusively by IGN and which we probably could not have thought of, namely adding zombies in a dedicated mode !

The TU 4.5 will therefore add Legion of the Dead, which has nothing to do with the film The Mummy. This is a mode PvE online, therefore playable up to 4 players in co-op, which is in alpha only on PC and will offer an experience rogue-lite simply needing to survive as zombies roam the streets of London, in order to reach an extraction point while collecting provisions on our way, which can be well kept in the facilities ofAlbion.

His alpha status will make the experience will evolve over time based on community feedback, the goal being that this mode is fun, as stated in IGN the online game director of Watch Dogs Legion, Jean-Pascal Cambiotti. And as you can see over the 22 minutes of gameplay above, the zombies are here portrayed as slow and extremely deadly, as in the genre classics of Romero.

While waiting for the extension Bloodline with Aiden Pearce, which we were able to see the introduction to last week, so PC gamers are going to have a lot of fun. If you do not yet have Watch Dogs Legion, it is sold from € 29.69 on Amazon.

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Watch Dogs Legion surprise zombies land Legion Dead mode minutes shared gameplay

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