Far Cry 6: its story will ultimately be political, director Navid Khavari explains why

Last week, Ubisoft finally presented as it should Far Cry 6, from its release date to its main character Dani Rojas through his gameplay explosive from all points of view, the publisher this time wishing to put us in the shoes of one or a real guerrilla within the fictitious dictatorial state of Wound. Yes, with an island in the throes of revolution with a Central American style, it doesn’t take too much thought to understand that Cuba served as a source of inspiration. However, a controversy arose from this announcement concerning the supposedly apolitical nature of the game, although director Navid Khavari simply said that with his game he “doesn’t want to make a political statement about what’s going on in Cuba in particular”, which is slightly different.

Rather than seeing the fire spread, Navid Khavari spoke again last night, this time on the official website ofUbisoft for a much clearer statement on the political character of Far Cry 6, which will therefore be without pointing the finger specifically at Cuba. Here is a translation of his statement:

Our history is political.

A story about a modern revolution must be. There are some tough and insightful discussions in Far Cry 6 about the conditions that lead to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for free and fair elections, LGBTQ + rights, and more against the backdrop of Yara, a fictional Caribbean island. My goal was to empower our team to be fearless in the story we were telling, and we’ve worked incredibly hard to achieve this over the past five years. We have also tried to be very careful in the way we approach our inspirations, which include Cuba., but also other countries of the world which have known political revolutions in their history.

In our approach, we made sure to seek out creators and collaborators for our team who can speak personally about the history and cultures of the regions that inspired us. We also have employs experts and consultants to review the history of the game multiple times during the project to make sure it was told sensitively. It is not for me to decide if we have succeeded, but I can say that we have absolutely tried.

The conversations and research done on the perspectives of those who fought revolutions in the late 1950s, early 1960s and beyond is absolutely reflected in our history and our characters. But if anyone is looking for a simplified, binary political statement specifically on the current political climate in Cuba, they will not find it. I come from a family that suffered the consequences of the revolution. I have debated the revolution at the table all my life. I can only speak for myself, but this is a complex subject that should never be reduced to a single quote.

What players will find is a story whose point of view attempts to capture the political complexity of a modern and current revolution in a fictional context. We’ve tried to tell a story with action, adventure, and heart, but one that’s also not afraid to ask tough questions. Far Cry is a brand that, in its DNA, seeks to have mature and complex themes balanced with lightness and humor. One does not exist without the other and we have tried to strike this balance with care. My only hope is that we are willing to let history speak for itself before forming a firm opinion on its political reflections.

Thanks for the reading.

Navid Khavari
Narrative Director, Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 will therefore have an underlying political purpose, to see now how far Ubisoft wanted to go. To have the answer, you will have to play it from October 7, 2021, when it will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia by us, as well as its statuette. Lions de Yara featuring the game’s antagonistic dictator Anton Castillo and his son Diego. You can pre-order this and your copy of Far Cry 6 sure Amazon.

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