the sacred iPhone 12 more prolific than the iPhone 11

The number of activated iPhone 12s would have increased by 2% in 2021, compared to the same figure for iPhone 11s over the same period last year according to Counterpoint Research. Moreover, while the share of iPhone 11 among all Apple smartphones activated in the second quarter of 2020 reached 15%, this result reaches just 16% for their successors to date. Which quite simply means that the most recent editions have broken new records.

As these are only third-party estimates, however, it is not possible to verify them down to the point. Indeed, Apple only communicates on its profits and turnover in dollars and not in the number of products sold. However, such a score is also to be compared with the release date of the iPhone 12 which, in October, left a little over a year instead of the usual twelve months for the iPhone 11 to progress. The difference is therefore clear.

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Choice for everyone

In any case, it is difficult to contradict this success as its recipe is carefully prepared to appeal to a large majority of the general public. First of all the high-end segment with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which costs more than a thousand euros to purchase. Its more compact version, the iPhone 12 Pro, remains large enough to delight phablet enthusiasts looking for high-level performance supported by the Apple A14 Bionic processor and its 6 GB of RAM.

As for the “classic” iPhone 12, it is probably the best quality / price ratio of the brand if we exclude the second generation iPhone SE. Indeed, it has the same size as the iPhone 12 Pro but this time without exceeding 950 euros in its basic version. Finally comes the iPhone 12 mini, this time much less popular according to recent studies but particularly well suited to the smallest palms of the hand who do not want to ignore the components.

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Where to buy the iPhone 12 and its variations

The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are all available online at Apple and at several French retailers. Here are the discounts available at the moment at the main ones:

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