Lost Centuria has arrived with lots of new features

Lost Centuria has arrived with lots of new features
Lost Centuria has arrived with lots of new features

After launching on April 29, 2021, Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a real success, despite some small bugs fixed over time. The game launched its biggest update since its launch. Season 2 promises to be explosive with some new events, a new combat mode, as well as new characters.

The biggest novelty of this update is World Tournament mode in PvP, which makes its debut on the game. The principle is simple, players who have reached Gold grade V or higher will be able to compete against each other, each victory increasing in the world ranking. For connoisseurs, this does not seem to change the‘classic confrontation yet the fights will be with a Pick & Ban phase except for the spells, and will therefore ask more strategy. On the other hand, if you lose 5 rounds during the tournament, you will no longer be able to participate.

Note that the players the top ranked could be invited to an esports event later in the year.

For this season 2, two new characters join the fights, Seara and Zibrolta. Seara, who is one of the legendary, is a wind attribute support that will allow players to place a bomb sure the first enemy and can alter the duration of beneficial effects. Zibrolta, which is part of normal characters, is attribute fire will be able to drop a random bomb by ignoring defense and stunning the enemy.

Exclusive to Season 2 of SW: Lost Centuria, players will be able to compete with a random deck where characters and spells cannot exceed level 10 during theBrawl event. This will allow a equality between the opponents during the fights.

Finally, the developers have indicated that many bugs had been fixed ase matchmaking which would be more precise, making it possible not to fall on much too advanced opponents.


Lost Centuria arrived lots features

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