an elegant and easy-to-use microphone with excellent sound

Specialist in gaming headsets, EPOS announces a microphone designed for live streaming, video games and high-end sound recording. The B20 is aimed at streamers, but also at audio content creators looking for a product that is easy to use, but with studio quality.

The EPOS B20 microphone is perfect for gamers // Source: EPOS

We knew the EPOS brand for its gaming headsets, and even its clever intras for playing and listening to music, which can even be used with the Nintendo Switch or the PS5. It now also has a microphone in its catalog, as useful for recording podcasts as for playing or streaming with studio-quality sound.

This is the promise made by the former partner of Sennheiser with the arrival of the B20. This rather design microphone will delight those looking for an easy to install product, compatible with Windows PCs, Macs and PlayStation 4.

Multifunction and high-end product

The B20 is elegant with a robust black aluminum shell and a studio microphone design that will appeal to the greatest number, especially streamers who reveal their setup.

There are two buttons on either side easily accessible at any time with your fingertips: on one side, a volume control wheel and a button to mute the microphone (the LED turns red when the microphone is on. chopped off); on the other, gain adjustment and four sound recording ranges. It is thus possible to adapt the microphone according to the situation and your recording needs (stereo, bidirectional, omnidirectional or cardioid). Whether you’re streaming solo or with others, recording audio, or chatting with your teammates online, the B20 has the answer.

Le micro EPOS B20 // Source: EPOS

The micro EPOS B20 // Source: EPOS

The microphone can be tilted on its stand to provide the best pick-up angle. It can be fixed on a support already in place (microphone stand, boom, etc.) or on the base provided to stand on a table. The base provides a good base for the B20 and adds a little design touch, welcome while being solid. We appreciate the notch to slide the connection wire and not be hampered.

Under the microphone, there is a USB-C port for connecting to a computer or a console, as well as a headphone jack. The B20 will then be able to control voice and mix your game audio for excellent audio output in your ears. We appreciate the plug’n’play connection which allows you to simply connect the device so that it is functional (USB-C / USB-A cable supplied and quite long, 2.9 m).

The B20 microphone is aimed at gamers, streamers and audio content creators

The B20 microphone is aimed at gamers, streamers and audio content creators

The B20 microphone is aimed at gamers, streamers and audio content creators // Source: EPOS

If you are on Windows, you can download the EPOS Gaming Suite software to better customize your audio settings, adjust noise reduction, equalizer, reverb, etc. This will switch from 7.1 surround sound to 2.0 stereo sound with headphones plugged into the microphone, announces EPOS.

Balanced sound for a crystal clear voice

In terms of sound, the B20 presents a balanced sound between bass and treble, behind the promise of studio broadcast quality. The microphone signal is thus sent to the computer in 24-bit / 48 kHz digital format. Inside the case, the three capsules pick up frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. The voice is clear and well put forward whether you are listening in the headphones or during the audio recording phases. The bass is not more pronounced than the midrange or the treble and the whole gives a pleasant sound. A good point for a microphone that will serve a very large number of users without the possibility of adjustments.

The B20 has the merit of working with a large number of recording software, voice mail, video conferencing tools (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

The micro B20 will appeal to streamers who have a setup to show

The micro B20 will appeal to streamers who have a setup to show

The micro B20 will appeal to streamers who have a setup to show // Source: EPOS

The background noises are perfectly erased (light noises, not the air conditioners or the vacuum cleaner!), Even without going through the EPOS Gaming Suite. Note that both recording and chat use are done without noticeable latency.

The B20 is therefore presented as an excellent product for those who are looking for a practical USB microphone, elegant and above all of very good audio quality. But do not look for the small feature that will make the difference, it is above all a safe and well-made combo for a microphone that will be perfect for quality streaming. On the other hand, the bill may be a bit high …

Price and availability of EPOS B20

The micro B20 is already available at 199 euros on the EPOS website and from various partners.

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